Rules and Regulations

General Information

Failure to comply with the rules and regulations set forth in this brochure will result in the loss of your membership

Management reserves the right to remove anyone whose conduct is considered improper.

Management is not responsible for accidents, personal property loss, or personal property damages.

General Rules and Regulations

  • Do not litter.
  • Do not throw anything into the lake.
  • Deposit all garbage into the containers that are provided.
  • Do not have firearms on the premises.
  • Do not have fireworks on the premises.
  • Do not operate a gasoline-powered motor boat on the lake; you can use an electric motor boat or a rowboat.
  • Do not fish in or near the swimming area.
  • Do not put a vehicle on the ice in the winter.

Swimming Rules and Regulations

  • Do not swim when the lifeguard is not present.
  • Do not swim outside of the designated area.
  • Do not use air toys in deep water.
  • Do not roughhouse.
  • Do not rumpus on the rafts.
  • Do not disregard the lifeguard — the lifeguard is in charge of the beach at all times.
  • Do not expect the lifeguard to babysit — the lifeguard is present for your safety only.
  • No pets permitted in the beach area.

Camping Rules and Regulations

  • Parents are responsible for children at all times.
  • Small children must be supervised.
  • Observe the quiet hours; they begin at 11:00 PM and end at 7:00 AM.
  • Obey the speed limit — 5 MPH.
  • Do not race a moped, minibike, or motorcycle in the campground at any time.
  • Fires must be inside fire rings.
  • Do not wash cars or campers in the campground.
  • You are permitted only one vehicle per campsite. If you have any extra vehicles, you must park them in the front parking area.
  • Do not cut or damage any trees.
  • Do not enter the woods on the other side of the fence; it is not part of the campground. You will be trespassing and could be prosecuted.
  • You are responsible for the upkeep of your site; please mow the grass and keep it tidy. A mower will be provided.
  • Bag your garbage and place it in the dumpster. A container for aluminum cans is located near the restroom.
  • Pets must be leashed and cleaned up after.